Dear Fellow Friends and Surfers of FWO.
Good Day to you all! I am Shelly the webmaster of FWO and like others I too have moments that I feel lost from the Lord and his plan for me. I just wanted to share an email that I recieved from a very wonderful Christian friend of mine here in Ohio. What a beautiful way to uplift a friend. Her inspiration is incredible! What a beautiful letter and message she sent! I had to share it with you. Thank you!!

Feeling a little depressed and like God is so far away? It reminds me, now, of that "poem" Footprints. In the end the man asks God why in the toughest times of his life were there only one set of footprints, why did God leave him. God answered that he never left, it was then that he carried him.
It is hard to see the light sometimes at the end of the tunnel. I know when I was going thru the agony of not working, I felt so weak and my faith was not as strong as I liked. I stumbled so many times. The devil was just whispering in my ear that I am too unworthy for God to be bothered with, that my faith was to weak for him to honor, to take notice of me. He will tell you these things and more. Bring up things that you did wrong from the past. Or even something as trifling as how you lost your temper and yelled at the kid (s) or said a curse word.
We have to remember that we are still babies, newborns in Christ. We don't have a lot of word to stand on yet and that is exactly why the devil attacks us so relentlessly. But if we never doubt for one moment that Jesus died for us and that we have the right to plead the blood of Jesus over any and all of our circumstances and just keep reading the word God will work it out. He hears us all when we cry out to him, not just me, He hears you too. He hears your prayers and he knows your fears and he sees your heart. Never stop praying to him.
I know it is hard. He never promised us a rose garden but he did promise that he would never forsake us and he is not a man who would lie. He is God and his word is always true. And this is just a test...and there will be many more. But for each test we pass we grow a little stronger and a little better as Christians and as people.
Whatever decision you make seek God first.


We all have times when we feel lost or like we have fallen so far away from the Lord that he will never help us. But Jesus loves you and all you need is to call his name. Hope my friends message spoke to you like it did to me.


God Bless and Keep You Always

Shelly Tice aka Spotted