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Sunday, April 06,2000

The King’s Highway
by:Pastor Greg

Since the Word of God declares that God is a Mighty Warrior, and He destroys all of our enemies and He fights all of our battles, why is it that we find ourselves losing so much in our practical everyday lives? Is there a secret in God concerning victories in our Christian life? Yes, there certainly is! Psalm 50:23 Amp. Vers.says, “He who brings an offering of praise and thanksgiving honors and glorifies Me; and he who orders his way aright- who prepares the way that I may show him- to him I will demonstrate the salvation of God.” The Lord is yearning to come to His people and show Himself strong on their behalf, but our hearts have to be right in His presence. His eyes roam to and fro throughout the whole earth to demonstrate His strength in behalf of that one whose heart is perfect towards Him.(2 Chron.16:9) God is an awesome Ruler with supreme power and authority and NO enemy can stand in His presence. There is a fire that goes before Him and burns up all His enemies( Psalm 97:3)The greatness of God’s name will be magnified from the rising of the sun to the going down of the same.( Mal.1:11) All of those around the Lord greatly fear and reverence Him in His majestic splendor(Psalm 89:7.) Since God is such a great Sovereign, He is attended to by tremendous praise and exaltation, for when you read mention of God’s throne in the Bible, it will be seen that praise and worship are a constant occupation of those around the throne.(Isaiah 6, Rev. 4:7-11; 5:9-14)
Many times when I have had trials and testings, the deliverance and victory came through praising God! Psalm 50 said that he who prepares the way will see the salvation of God. The way is actually called in the scriptures a highway. This was a road used for monarchs and dignitaries to travel upon. When someone important was to come to an area, they would prepare a road for that one to travel on. Their roads were dusty, muddy and basically difficult to travel on and so preparation was made for the highway to be built up! This reminds me of the Olympics in Atlanta,Ga. Many roads were prepared to accomodate the ones coming for the Olympics. The greatest King in the universe requires the proper road to ride upon as He comes to deliver us. Psalm 68:4 says,“ Sing to God, sing praises to His name, cast up a highway for Him who rides through the deserts; His name is the Lord, be in high spirits, and glory before Him.” Praise and thanksgiving in and for everything(Eph.5:20, 1 Thess.5 :18) is the way we prepare a highway for the King to ride into the deserts of our despair, confusion and barrenness! Phil. 2:14 says that we are to do all things without grumbling.

Deut. 33:26 says that there is none like Israel’s God who rides through the skies and heavens to come to our help!! There have been so many times when I felt like I really needed God to give me an answer or help me get through a battle,etc.; and I would moan and cry and complain and be tense or worried and you can probably guess that the outcome was nothing from God! How different is the Lord’s response to His children’s humble and trusting attitude of thanksgiving for their present predicaments! Beloved, let us learn to approach our Father with gratitude and praise for whatever our situation might be and watch Him reveal His salvation to His precious children!

His servant,

Greg Violi