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Sunday, March 06,2000

by:Tim Wilson

Give careful thought to your ways. Remember what God has done before
you were called into His kingdom:how He called you out of the world into His
promises of His dear Son. Think back when your were given your first salvation
through Christ Jesus. The joy you had in the Lord.The love you felt from your heavenly father. The almighty God that created everything seen and unseen,looked down upon you in the state that you were in and showed you that
He thought of you,cared for you and loved you. He drew you out of the darkness
that you loved so dearly and revealed the Light of His Son to you.

Think back n the beginning of your love for God and His Son Jesus. You
wanted to please your heavenly Father any way you could. You looked for His presence where ever you could find Him. You hoped to serve Him and do His will,
but now look about you at the path you are on. Briers have grown on the highway
because of your infrequent walk on God's path. Look within and see how barren
you feel You have lost your first and best love. You can't remember stopping in
your walk;it just happened. You thought you were moving on ahead. Look closely
within,are you truly moving in the direction God had planned? The world began to
call and some how you stopped to listen to what it had to offer. Can you serve two
masters ?

Give careful thought to your ways.Shake loose from your stagnant walk with
the One you so freely call your Lord and Master. Is He your Master ? Shake off the
chains that bind you to this worlds way of thinking. Turn from evil and do good.
Seek out the Word and embrace it with all your heart. Stand up ! Look about at what you have become. Is it what you always wanted to be in the Lord ? Your lazy heart has made you poor in Spirit. Be diligent in your walk. Turn from your
selfishness ,the evil master within you,and do good. Lay down your selfish life,
seek out others you can reach out and help. Look about you. Seek it as you seek
all the treasures that this world has to offer. Do good to everyone; the greatful and
the ungreatful.,the wicked as well as the righteous. Stop showing good only to the
kind and upright. Show mercy to the blind world that does not have our Lord and
Master. Show kindness to the unjust and the wicked. The Lord delights in
balanced scales.

Give careful thought to your ways. Where is the passion you once had for all
mankind ? What happened to the Light you desired to shine on the dark world
about you ? Look within yourself. What do you see? By the words that come
out of your mouth you will know what is in your heart. Is there love? Or anger,
hatred and bitterness? Is there peace? Or an ever striving to obtain more of
what you want. Is there joy? Or just constant complains and sorrow. What is
in your heart? Is there an image of the Son of God? Or a void of increasing

Give careful thought to your ways. Look about you. Is there a need you see?
Is there something you can do? Don't sit there any longer wishing God would tell you what He would like you to do. Open your blind eyes! Look around. He has
already told you in His Word. Is there a need? Is there something you can do?
Someone you can help?

Is there someone you see who has a broken heart? Go to them and weep
together. Do you see someone trapped by a problem in this life, burdened down
by worry and sorrow? Go to them and lift them up,in a gentle loving way tell them
that God the Father loves them and remind them of His promises of freedom and
release. Comfort all who mourn and provide for the grieving. Pray together in love and compassion. Feel their sorrow as their Father feels for them. Take them away from that situation for a time and soothe their weary soul in loving fellowship.Sacrifice your worldy time,give God your true worship.Give someone the joy God has given you. It was given to you to share! Give and it shall be given. Fellowship with them, praise them for what they have already
accomplished in their life- encourage them, build them up, support them as you wish someone would have supported you when you were in need.

Give careful thought to your ways. God is calling us to rebuild the ancient ruins and to restore the places long devastated. "Is it a time for you yourselves to
be living in your paneled houses,while this house remains a ruin?You expected much,but see,it turned out to be little. What you brought home,I blew away. Why?" declares the Lord Almighty. "Because of my house, which remains a ruin, while each of you is busy with his own house." What is the temple of the
Living God? Is it your little fleshy house or is it the body of Christ Jesus, a house
hand without hands?

Cry out for wisdom! Shout aloud for understanding! Seek the Lord with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind and all your strength. Ask Him to open the eyes of your understanding and reveal what it is you should see. Seek out the Lord and His purpose. Turn from evil and do good!

Your Brother in Christ,
Tim Wilson