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Spiritual Touch

by: Juanita Pike
Anchor For Life Ministries

We hear the statement "we will rid evil" among those who display an evil act . I have given much thought to this . Those who are saying this means well , but there is no way you can bomb evil out of people . Evil is a spirit and you can only kill the vessel , but you cannot kill all the vessels . It is just like sticking a stick in an ant hill . Ants will scatter and hide in different places , the stick may kill some but most will run and hide . They are still ants and will sting when they get a chance .
There is only One Power that can destroy an evil spirit . That Power is the Holy Spirit Power of the Living God , not an idol!!! His Power can change a vessel of evil to a vessel of Divine Love . There are those in Gods Word that experienced that change . 1 Sam. 10 : 6 the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you in will be changed into a different person...verse 9 God changed Sauls heart [spirit]...verse 11 when those who had known him asked each other "what is this that has happened to the son of Kish , Saul" .
Others who was changed by the Touch of the Holy spirit . Zacchaus Luke 19 : 9...Saul of Tarsus Act 9 : 6..Roman Proconsul Act 13 : 12...Lydia Act 16 : 14...Philippian jailer Act 16 : 33 - 34 and many souls down through the ages . Peter became a man whose very shadow healed Matt. 26 : 74 Act 5 : 15...the restless demoniac become a quiet disciple Mark 5 : 5..John the Jew becomes an apostle of Love Luke 9 : 53 - 54 1 John 4 : 7...the woman of Samaria becomes a witness of Truth John 4 : 17 - 18....Saul the blood thirsty persecutor becomes Paul the tender hearted brother Act 9 : 1 Act 21 : 13....
These from Gods Word as well as those in the Body of Christ today , who has been touched by Gods Divine Power!! That Touch is described in John 3 : 5 - 8 . We do not become gods , but we do become followers of the Living God , not a religious idol!!! Those who are changed reflect the Nature of their Divine Father and His Son Jesus . No human vessel can have the Nature of this Divine Living God until they have been Touched by His Power , the Holy Spirit .
The Born Again Child of God , of this Living God is marked by the Divine Nature of their Living God . A Divine Love that says "love those who hate you" , "forgive 70 x 7 times" , "love those who hate you" , "stand fast in Gods Word the Truth of this Living God" and more . No human vessel can have this kind of spirit in them UNTIL they get a Spiritual Touch from the Living God , the Father and His Son .
A Touch from the Living God does not make us perfect , nor do we change completely over night. May I add "you who have lived for God many years and have developed spiritually , be patience with those "new born babes in Christ" . Many a "babe in Christ" has been killed spiritually when older Saints failed to have patience with the growing of the "new ones" . We are changed more and more with each Touch that we receive from the Power of the Holy Spirit , sent to us by the Living God . Our minds , emotions and spirit develop with each Touch . The Spiritual Life after our Spiritual Birth develops as we stay in contact with Gods Word and His Holy Spirit .
Our flesh body develops to be full grown as we eat , drink and move about , that takes years . So each day we find ourselves in the Presence of our Living God and His Son , eating the Word of God and Drinking the Living Water of the Holy Spirit , He is working on our inter man , soul and spirit. He "weeds" out that which needs "weeded" out and plants all the Father and the Son gives Him to plant in our soul and spirit .
Bill Gaither wrote "He Touched Me"!!! [Shackled with a heavy burden , loaded with guilt and shame . Then the Hand of Jesus [by the Holy Spirit] touched me and I AM NO LONGER THE SAME!!! Since I met this Savior , since He cleansed and made me whole , I will ever praise Him and shout it while Eternity rolls!!]
This is a changed life!!! From Spiritual Death to Spiritual Life!!!
By Juanita Pike
11 - 2001
Anchor For Life Ministry
Christ Our Lord