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Separated But Touching

by: Terry S. Krepps


Unseen life turns shadows unknown

Stolen by the unburied light

Whispered love, gripping your eyes against hopeful ears

listening so sweetly

Kissed by the muffled softness through snaking lies

Between shattered dreams, eternity's stand in line

Found viewing the days salvaged by the shards of wreckage

Desire windows the desperation, that passes through somber eyes


as fears reflection passes patiently, discovered to be graceful,

but narrowly disregarded

Our lives withstand like a soundless course,

leading between invisible silhouettes

Quietly a wholesome light observes,


as it is severed but not left unnoticed

Hope is in the unseen, though I am seperated I still can touch

If not in the physical but through my memories alone

copyright 2002 T.KREPPS

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