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Hello there F.W.O. Friends!! Welcome to our 5th "Vocal Locals"!! We thank God that he gave us this page and that we have so many Christian bands out there willing and ready to share and minister to the lost and entertain those that are saved, uplifting them to carry on in their travels!! We also want to thank them for taking time out in their busy and hectic schedules to share with us on "Vocal Locals", what's happening in their lives and in their ministry!

Last week we took a jaunt over to the state of Washington. Well, I thought while we were there we might as well check out the "Link" that sent me to last weeks band, "GLOBAL WARNING". Out of the same state we find a band that really caught my ear and my eye.

I first met the one guy in this band on "My Devotion Chat" in a room called, "Creek Music". At first I was kind of hesitant to enter especially after just seeing a rerun of "Deliverance" just 2 days ago! LOL!! Well, after entering I was greeted by a guy by the name of Patrick. After talking to him though and checking out his web site " Nathan Creek" I was still at that time under the impression that his name was, Nathan Creek? It turns out that the name of the band is "Nathan Creek". Sooooooooo, I just went through that long dragged out story to add to the introduction to the (almost) neighbors, but friends of "Global Warning".......... " NATHAN CREEK"!! (Fireworks engulf the whole room with thunderous roars of deaf ripping blasts overtaking the visuals...........confetti and streamers celebrate their arrival!!)


Terry: Welcome to Free Will Offering "Nathan Creek"!! We hope you can just feel right at home here at F.W.O. (As always... a sense of humor is welcome!! :)
N.C.: HELLO THERE AND THANK YOU .........SORRY IF I'M YELLING!!! THOSE FIREWORKS ARE VERY LOUD!! (Patrick looks up to see that if there was a ceiling has just been removed!)
Terry: I've tried to come up with a different format from the previous "V. L."S, but we'll just wing it see where we go, ok? First of all, after that confusing intro, you probably can guess that the first thing I'm going to ask is where did the name "Nathan Creek", come from?
N.C.: Somehow I get asked that quite often. When I was younger, and I guess I still do from time to time, I would go for very long hikes just to get away from the everyday stress of life. I would look for a small lil' creek or waterway, and living in the Pacific Northwest has many, and I would just watch and listen and see what it is that I felt I needed to do or what God was telling me. The name "Nathan Creek" means to go to that place. The place where one can be alone and away and focus on life.
Terry: That is so a refuge or an abode just for reaching out to God! So cool! How many are in the band "Nathan Creek"?
N.C.: Well," Nathan Creek", is mainly a recording project. The first two CD"s were done in my lil' studio in Oklahoma, where I would do all the instruments and vocals. I decided on the 3rd CD,"VICE", that I wanted some of my friends to shine a bit. Soooo that is what really makes up "Nathan Creek". So to answer the question...LOL!! --The recording process has three to four different people. The new CD,"Wreckage"will feature good friends also. The list includes Derek Close and Darren Lyda of "Cross Eyed Clyde" on some tracks, as well as maybe a couple tracks vocally with Sherridean from Oklahoma, who also has a ministry there too. I am also working with "Tina Turner"! LOL!! The poet...not the singer. She's from Maine and she is doing some work with the "Creek" as well. The "LIVE" band at this point is looking for the right musicians to tackle the chore of creating the music and being a force of light in a dark world.
Terry: WOW!! I feel like I know you already but ...Please take the time to introduce yourself to our " F.W.O" audience and tell us what you do in the band and if you have a family, etc?
N.C.: Well...LOL!! I am Patrick Booth and I am mainly a lead guitarist who has been playing since 4 or 5 years old. I also play keys and drums and that helps out with the music side of " Nathan Creek". As far as family...I have family in Washington and Oregon as well as here in Oklahoma.
Terry: Soooooooooo, I guess that would answer my next question as to the contents of the band being the "original ones"?
N.C.: (Patrick looks around the room.... nods...I would say, "YES"!! (Big grins follow)
Terry: Patrick, would you take whatever time is needed to give your testimony on how God saved you? Take whatever space needed dude...we're @ cyber-space!! LOL!! Patrick: Well I will be brief; I come from an extremely broken home. Folks split when I was 10 or 11 and at this point in my life I was practicing a lot on my guitar playing. Well the wrench was tossed in and that decision threw my sisters and I into a downward spiral, a bit later we found ourselves taking care of ourselves for several years and really doing whatever we wanted. I chose to hide in my room and practice and drawing while my sisters went the other way. Partying and such. (Anything that as a kid you can get away with! We had to resort to just to survive!) I won't go into details but lets just say that it changed us and how we look at our lives now. Kids ran the house for a long time. Several years later I moved in with my father and was not interested in drinking or drugs but just being the best I could be on my talent. I was 17 and my older sister came by One night and started telling me about this guy who loved me regardless of the hellish life I was living and had gone thru and if I would just trust him that he would always be there for me, always. And if I would trust Christ and ask him into my life that I would gain so much more. It's been 21 years. Hasn't been easy but I wouldn't change this for nothing.
Terry: Experience through our hard times helps us build character and to also bring us closer to God. I wouldn't change the hard times in my life either Patrick. To me they are, "Building Blocks". I'm so glad used music to minister "peace" to both of us, Amen? I have listened to your music and I really enjoyed it a lot! What would you say is the style of your music?
N.C.: Well, well!! It is not "big band".... no. (laughs), but it could be if I learn how to play trumpet!! (: Grins:) Nathan Creeks music is mainly rock and metal but the key to our music is that it incorporates classical and world music styles. I am a guitarist who lets the music "SPEAK", a lot!! Thus, is the instrumental guitar tracks that are featured on the CD's.
Terry: Was this style driven from influences from other bands? What musical influences Carried you along? Anyone or all can answer this!! N.C.: Great question...yes and no! My music writing is different from most. I tackle a song from the inside out looking at the music first and arranging then I, if needed add words. The styles vary and that comes from years of playing and enjoying a vast variety. Influences. Ummmm.Well early on there were the "Beach Boys"- "Yes". Look for our surfer music on the next CD.laughs!! Lets see..."Styx" "Kansas". "Emerson-Lake and Palmer", "Moody Blues". That then made way for bands like,"Dream Theater", "Yes"," Phil Keaggy","Mylon Lefevre", Cusco", "Satriani" and "Via" ect, ect. Anything that had some forms of musical quality I would listen to it.
Terry: I know I've already said that you are from the state of Washington". Do you venture abroad or have you maintained a close journey around Washington? What is your future plans as far as hitting the road?
N.C.: I did music ministry in Washington State, mainly the Seattle/Everett area for ten years.1980-to 1990.I left Washington in 1990 and didn't get back into the Christian music scene until 1995 which brings the band to Oklahoma. Right now as far as short term, Nathan Creek will do the new CD which will be out by August of this year and a live band will head out locally for a bit to play around then we will look at what God wants us to do and go from there.
Terry: Some people will think this question is stupid but here goes...? Has the high gas prices affected you and the band and do you think it would be a main factor, even if the price got up to $ 2.50 a gallon? N.C.: Yes I think it will present a problem on how I mow my lawn...laughs. The gas situation is crazy. Here in Oklahoma! We are paying roughly 30cents more then the west coast, per gallon. I am glad I like to walk.... here.
Terry: Seriously, I think we'll all be doing a lot of walking before this all gets resolved! Enough of that.... on with the questions, right? Do you spend a lot of time rehearsing or are you out quite a bit ministering? N.C.: Nathan Creek is a full time job for me. I record all of the time and am in contact with other musicians who will record some new tracks so I do this every day-play, write, record and speak with people about our ministry and about how Christ is the answer. I try to keep up on the practicing and have switched gears for now on playing more keys then guitar but don't free, my guitar chops are just waiting to get back in the swing of things!!
Terry: I was involved with a Christian band that was obsessed with rehearsals and practice and we ended up in the basement for over a year and that basement had the most "BLESSED" walls in the county!! Not too long after that we disbanded. Do you think you can wait too long to get out there and minister and how do you know when you're ready?
N.C.: WOW!!...I think as a tool of God one has to be focused on not just being the minister or the musician but open to the fact that if Christ is not the reason you do this then you have no business doing it at all. Sure I and all my musician pals like to get out and play but I am not selling me per say! I am sharing how God has changed me and how even with all of the problems we face he is still the leader of the pact. I learned along time ago that when it comes to doing music and or ministry-when it hits you in the face that last week you could just rock till you were blue in the face and minister until the cows come home but this week everything is wrong! That is when you go and do what God wants. Waiting to long? I think you have to really look at what your goal is. We are all a testimony to Gods grace and we all are to share the truth with others. Keith Green once asked the or missions? What is your calling? If God says go then go...Psalm 27:14-Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the lord.
Terry: How do you feel about watering down a message in a song instead of coming straight out and saying what you want? Do you feel this is done too often?
N.C.: Is that a hint that you haven't offered me a Pepsi or I need to shower? Laughs!!!!! Seriously, Christian music at this point in the game is about the mighty dollar. I know tons of bands that are truly great and there ministry is so cool but the labels will not look at then because they are to spiritual about there music or there is as they see it-no dollar amount they could bring the label. And let me point out that it is a business that these labels run. Sugar coating music? Hmmmmm?? Well when I was in Nashville several years back-the Christian music scene was geared towards writing the perfect song and etc. I feel if God wants you to say something.... say it!! Too many times we forget that it is not about us, but about the gift we have been given. If you are a Christian musician who longs for a contract ...stop right there! If your calling is to get out there and wake up the world for Jesus Christ, then everything else is second. God puts you where you are needed and if you are in the position to reach the masses then great.
Terry: You know Pat; you are so right about the "ministry" of Christian music being more of a business than a ministry. Just this past weekend while at a "Promise Keepers" meeting, we were ministered to by a band by the name of the"KATINA"S". What really ministered to me was, during their introduction, we were told how they turned down a "three million dollar" contract with "Arista" records!! The reason why? The record company wanted them to cut back on their "spirituality of their songs. Why do we live in a society that acts like they are "ashamed" to serve God or publicly admit it? Is it so hard to not be ashamed or is it a pride thing? How do you stand on this issue?
N.C.: Well we must remember that to succeed in any business you have to have the, " eye of the tiger". As a "Christian ministry", we all would like to be respected and make decent money. Somewhere we forget that the enemy would like to take our talents and offer us everything under the sun if we only bow to him. To proclaim Christ is against our nature. To greet the devil is not hard at all but it will destroy you. The word of God says that they (the people) will hate you because we are Christ's. Matthew 10:22 and ye shall be hated of all [men] for my name's sake: but he that endureth to the end shall be saved.
Terry: I wouldn't be surprised some day if bands were made to put warning labels on music that read, "WARNING: LIFE CHANGING GODLY MESSAGE INSIDE!!"
N.C.: I started doing that on the last CD, warning the contents inside may be of a controversial may be saved! LOL!!
Terry: Patrick, you mentioned earlier that you had some CD's out? Can you tell us a little about them (refresh our memory) and where we can get hold of them? Would you share with us your web site and any other projects that may have to deal with "Nathan Creek"?
N.C.: Creek gets out the projects!!...Loll...Ok? This will take us in to next year. Nathan Creek, has the wreckage CD coming out in August which is available thru our site. The site is *
* and is designed by my great friends at spazmgic. Tori and Derek are great!! Their addresses are: ** OR ** On this project we are addressing some issues that need to be looked at and of course in Nathan Creek fashion we tackle these issues in our "Forum". Yes!! That's right, we do a forum once a week that addresses issues in the church and the world that affect us as believers. Anyone can receive the forum!!! Simply write me at *(*and I will add them. I am also redoing the first two CD's- "Alone at the Creek" and "The Long Journey Home". I want to redo the music from both of these and record them digitally so that there is a good representation of the CD's. I am also recording a concept album that will be of the heavy metal style and will release it with the name, "The Journey-Spiritquest". And of course I have the "Creek-Music Room" at Christian links, which we offer to talk with people about their faith and our music. Myself or Peaches, (she is the knowledgeable one in there)(do stop by and say hi), will be there usually and if I am not, she will offer you a smile and a refreshing word or insight. And of course we do the comic strip every week so we are busy... "Flounder Wobble", comic at *(* LOL!! For those interested in Nathan Creek Music, they can visit our site and order the CD's there. Just follow the info provided. And we hope to hit the road and rock the world for Jesus Christ. His will...not ours!!
Terry: Well "Nathan Creek", or should I say, " musicianary", Patrick Booth? We here at FWO would like to tell you that this session has been very unique and pleasurable to say the least! We will be praying for you and what is to come for "Nathan Creek", ok?
N.C.: Thank You!! God bless everyone who seeks Christ and great to see FWO, doing a great job at reaching the lost and encouraging the saved. Take care my friend!! Patrick bounces a marshmallow off of Terry's forehead...OOOOPS!! (Terry grabs a graham cracker and some chocalate, squishes the marshmallow and holds it over the "WRECKAGE" logo and takes a snack break.... LOL!!)

Terry: Soooooooooooooooo, until next month, when we get "VOCAL" with another "LOCAL", Keep your hearts and minds on Jesus and remember that "HE" is the "ROCK" for, "ALL" ages, AMEN?? See you next month and remember to bring a friend, ok? LATER!!

Your Friend In Christ!!
Brother Terry Krepps

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