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Love For Her Child
by: Terry S. Krepps
04 - 05 - 02
Problems with grown-ups are sooner left than understood
Surrounded with promises warmed and sincere
Remembering the darkest truth a childhood bears
Uncontested love with “Covered Tears!”

Demeaning sounds of “Don’t” tangled with hate
Shamefully discourage to the disrespectable rhythm
Of a mouth and tongue heartlessly mocking
As the body sways to, “Whatever or Why?”

Thank you with one finger is seen waved at the door
As their pat on the back has left the opening from a knife
Tenderness seeps through those of parenting eyes
But are used to smear the blood from the innocent wounds

Watching from the window a childhood recklessly flees
As the terror he bears is unleashed among the pavement he encounters
Sweeping destructively with a vengeance that silently cries
But is left to be unheard of or detected

An empty womb of a mother that cares
Cradles herself against the front door steps
Whispering the lullaby that once calmed
Reaching out to the dark air
Finding her heart and hands to be without

With understanding in check, a tear falls
Questions are deafened by heartaches plea
But the night continues to swallow her first born
As daylight awakes to either his coming back
Or to his eternal sleep in darkness

Looking down to her hand she questioned God
Was this not the hand of a loving mother that cared
As her heart answered with a joyful pounding
Her love set him free as he choose not to return
For her love was in the wind itself


This poem was inspired through the tasks of trying to be a caring and effectual parent. Hopefully your understanding will read between the lines and understand the toughness of a growing child. God bless!

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