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Lifes Journey

by: Terry S. Krepps

2 - 17 - 02

Young intently call out to be used
Sounding off to those who are aging
Found grounded, but alone
Hearts are exclaiming, validity
Finding only time that has been expired
Saturated from corroded curiosities, terrors ripen
Shaking from a constant harmless whining
Unseen by suspected love
Unleashed with potential investigations
Destitute for attentiveness, extending their arms
Presenting their warn and despondent hearts
Without warning, age seizes their moments
Holding their memories in an hour glass filled with sand
Releasing few granuals of happiness as others remain confined
Life smiles with intent as death becomes commonly recieved
Leisurely in its own timing, finding departure to be grieving
But acceptable, through peace, deeply knowing
One is now free from its unfeeling grip
Eternity lies before them as a comforter now awaits
Releasing all their moments of joy from deaths own fate

copyright 2002 TSKrepps

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