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Do I know you?


Today i just turned twenty-three
And my life is on display
Since my dad left mom and me
And turned and walked away

Hidden feelings with nights of tears
As the sun goes down again
A man I haven't seen in years
Comes walking round the bend

His walk to me resembled
That of mine as he grew nearer
Then eye to eye we assembled
As if, looking in a mirror

His presence to my heart did share
though my journey wasn't done
And as I looked,he wasn't there
Again,.............. he left his son

Although I didn't know you
Some how I thought we did
The father that I thought I knew
Was deep inside me hid

To know me is to love me
So often we've been told
Just let my father see me
And let the mystery unfold

My heart forgives you of the past
"Tis love that's sown in me
And this my offering I will cast
For God has set us free

So as we now look face to face
And cast away all sorrow
Of yesterday there is no trace
For we'll both live for tomorrow


By Terry Krepps


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