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Of Gates & Keys

by: Terry S. Krepps

1 - 13 - 02

The gates before me, I can plainly see

But I cannot enter without a key

My face peers through strong iron bars

That rest beyond the celestial stars

With beauty it possesses all that it surrounds

As it defensively protects its very grounds

So lift up your sacrifices to now be burned

And your entry to there will soon be earned

Your growth in the knowledge will improve by age

As you intently study and turn the page

Taking God’s word and from the world set apart

Allowing the Lord to rule in your heart

Standing in faith with whoever is there

Lifting them daily in constant prayer

Living to the fullest, Your life with God

Sharing with those who are lost abroad

Opportunity slips through the windows of time

That sends our generation into its prime

As we separate from the worlds way of livin’

To God be the glory through the victory he’s given’

Copyright 2002 Terry S. Krepps

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