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Follow His Heart

by: Terry S. Krepps

4 - 10 - 02

Inside, thoughts release uplifting happiness

Acquired from a distance, forever etched by respect

As hope freely battled from within

Muted time stood lingerly holding on to fear

Eyes contemplating pasts controlling threshold

Valiantly advancing, trying to release its grip

Self forgiveness struggles with faiths own strength

As Godly words penetrate the soul

Battle lingers, while peace awaits its entrance

Knowing ones conclusion rests in the outcome

Giving place to the conqueror but fearing defeat itself

For by what measure do I cast my deliverance

Forgiveness must rule for faith to dominate

Giving up what cannot be won on your own

Relying on God to separate confusing debris

While He brushes on the final coat of assurance

Bowing in surrender, humility takes its place

Strength finds growth through release

Quickening the sight through faithful eyes

Allowing righteousness to direct your future

Hold on, remembering always to let go and let God

Following the narrow path to eternity

For your steps will surely be covered

Knowing that His presence will forever be at your side


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