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Mark: Mark Daniel-lead vocals and we have a few more but they aren't here right now but we would like to recognize them just the same.They are our Sound Men-Ken McKinney and Chuck Holenchick,our videographer/photographer/webmaster ,Shannon Harsh and last but not least,our Wives,children and families who back our journey for Christ,they are our BACKBONE,and we thank them for their support.
Terry:That's great!! Family backing is very vital in a ministry,AMEN?
Mark:Yes it is.....(everyone nods their head "YES"!)
Terry:How long has "FISH" been together?
Mark:We've been together for 3 years......"FISH" has only been together for 1 1/2 years.
Terry:Well mark,since your answering all the questions I'll look at you and if anyone else wants to join in feel free,ok? hahaha!!! How did you all get together?
Mark:(holding his hands tightly over his head!) That's a hard question..!!?
Tony A:It happened in stages..............

Mark:Yeah!, We had a hard time keeping guitar players etc.,etc.Then it all came together after awhile.We just left it up to God,and here we are!
Terry:Sorta like let go and let God!! Good! What kinda music would you label yourselves under??
Eric:A Variety.........
mark:ALTERNATIVE (looking around for approval)

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