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The American Dream
by: Terry S. Krepps

Burnt into the skyline the morning gave way

As New York City set into another day

Unlike others this day holds the fate

Of what the skies were holding deep in wait

Anticipation brought the day to a start

For what was in store would tear them apart

Fathers, mothers, sons and daughters

Brought together in an unknown slaughter

Without any warning the skies retreat

As unknown men are filled with deceit

To harm and dismember a Nation of peace

Giving their pride a boasting increase

Defenseless loved ones caught up in a fire

Desperately sought to retrieve with desire

Police and Firemen reach out in obligation

Giving of their own life without hesitation

The world watches on in total disbelief

As the tears now flow and their hearts feel grief

Many flea on foot while others are carried

Standing before the rubble where many are buried

Sirens sound out as they raise to the skies

The smoke cannot cover the deafening cries

A country invaded and scarred from within

The peace that we’ve held has now turned grim

Our hearts were reformed as we showed that we cared

As we all chipped in and faithfully shared

Some gave their money, their prayers and time

To bring each other through this horrendous crime

Old Glory is waving as we all salute

As victory stands in direct pursuit

With God as our victor our eyes hold a gleam

That we never can forget the American Dream

copyright 2001

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