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New Links

Rommel & Mars Christian Web-site- A lot of Great Christian related reading !

Christian Poets Corner - Great poetry of the Heavenly Kind!

Bible On The Web- Another Great place to receive God's written word!

Poetry Exchange- This is a great place to have your words seen and heard! - Trying to improve your writing skills? Well this place has a lot to offer for $$FREE$$ !! Try it out!!

Poets2000 - This is a great place to have a "FREE" web-site with all of your personal writings, may it be in poem form or in book form! You gotta check this place out!

Creations by CRAFTY
- Where else could you go to get a great web-site or graphics at such a great price, huh? JUMP-START DESIGN- Graphics, Quilting links & patterns,web page templates, more!!!

K I D S Corner - Need a "SAFE" place for your kids to hang out at online? Check this place out but don't forget to let the kids join in too,OK?

Hyperchild's Home on the Web - Viewpoint and testimony from a "Hyper" Child's world.

Guitar Fro Jesus - Just the place to enhance your talents! Learn to play guitar- read from recording artists - and more!

The ADHD Help Web-site - If you have a child with ADHD, this is the spot for you! Being the father of a son with, ADHD, I have found this site very helpful! I pray it helps you out the same!

Promise Keepers- A site for men to get in touch with the blessings that God has given them......"Their FAMILIES"

Disc Makers - Are you in the market to mass produce a Musical project ? Well, this is a great place to get it done at! I personally went here on my 1st time around and pray that the finances are there for my 2nd also !! Check out their facility and their staff and there artistic flare!

S U R V I V O R ? - Are you a survivor fan ? Well, I'm sorry, but I am! This is the "ONLY" worldly show I watch faithfully and do so because it really makes me think on how I am received by others? A lot of good reading but do not recommend the chat room for younger adults! Sad but true!

The Christian Rhetoric Magazine Online
- This is a great place for some great reading and also a place where you could share as well! Find articles here written by Free Will Offerings Founder Brother Terry S. Krepps along with other great brothers and sisters in the Lord!! Check it out, OK?


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