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Hello there and welcome back for Aprils addition of Free Will Offering's own personal and up close interview section,"VOCAL LOCALS". We are sure you are in store for another great interview with an exciting disciple of God,through music. Our guest for April was brought to my attention after surfing the net on our own link off F.W.O. in the "Christian Musicians" page. I found her under the "Christian Music Connections" which at the present time is getting a total facelift so they can better accommodate us. (Thank you C.M.C.!!!) Sooooooooooo!!

Without any further rambling on,we would like to introduce to you
Marianne Kesler...............Welcome to "Vocal Locals" Marianne!!

Mk.:Hey Terry and everybody else out there!
Terry:First of all Marianne,where are you from?
Mk.: I live in Bellefontaine,Ohio. I am an active part of Bellefontaine
Community Fellowship Church,where I lead worship regularly about
once per month.
Terry: What type of music do you do,and how long have you been
interested in music?
Mk.: I call my music folk/rock........
Terry: ooooohhh!! I like.......
Mk.: I attempt an electric meld of poetic lyrics set against acoustic
driven modern rock....(how's that for narrowing it down....I hate
Terry: Soooo do I,but it's a standard question? HA,HA,HA!!! Right?
Mk: I've been in music as long as I can remember.......since I was a child....earliest memories are singing songs and harmony with my mom in the kitchen. I started playing viola in the 4th grade and taught myself to play the guitar at age 12. I've kept it up ever since.
Terry: Taught yourself the guitar at age 12?? I bet that saved your parents some money from all those guitar lessons!! hahaha!!
Terry: Have you always been in Christian music or was there a
crossover ?
Mk.: I have been a believer since my childhood as well,so my music
has always reflected my beliefs. I play my music wherever I am
welcome to play.
Terry: Did you come from a musical family?
Mk.: My mother has always enjoyed music and sings with groups from time to time. Her side of the family really likes to sing,particularly hymns,gospel.
Mk.: On my dad's side of the family,my great-grandfather was a big
band leader and my grandfather was a very talented honky-tonk
piano player.
Terry: Did you have any musical influences while growing up?
Mk.: I always gravitated to folk singer/songwriters while I was growing up.....the lyrics and what people were trying to say in their music was important to me.
Terry: yes,lyrics are very important especially when your audience is hungry for that special something........What do you enjoy most about ministering to a crowd?
Mk.: I love when an audience is really tuned into what I am singing
about and I can tell by the nods,eye contact,smiles,tears,etc. Afterwards I love meeting the people I sing to....and I tell them that at every concert I give :)
Terry:The people deserve that too!! They want that closeness with people that minister and touch them in a special way,especially through music! Do you have a special favorite place to go to minister or are they all quite special?
Mk.: Definitely coffeehouses are my favorite settings.....very laid back and relaxed. I also dig outdoor festivals (on sunny days!) rocking
with a full band!
Terry: Do you travel much,ministering,and do you go alone or do you have an entourage? Do you have a family ?
Mk.: I travel alot......more often in the summer.....and mostly in the Midwest and eastern parts of the United States. In 1996 I had the awesome experience of flying to the Netherlands for a week of concerts there. I often go and perform solo,but take family members along as they are able. I am married & have four sons. My family members have been roadies,sound techs,& guitarists for me,and sometimes just good company on the road. On my most recent tour in March,I had a female friend and conga player with me...we hope to do more together and also add a guitarist (we did the "trio"thing last summer).
Terry:What is your vision for the year 2000 and beyond?
Mk.:My dream is to be able to tour & perform more often with a whole band........I'd love to tour with a "BAND"!
Terry: Where all do you travel to, and are you scheduled for anything in this area (Cleveland/Youngstown)?
Mk.:Right now I am working on a college tour for in the fall (October) and hope to have at least a couple other players along........ Also,I am planning my annual east coast summer tour for mid July-August .... I basically travel to about anywhere I am asked to go.....if it is far from home I try to work out a mini-tour while in the area to make better use of my time/mileage. : ) I played near Cleveland a couple of times last year and would love to again....Anybody got a gig with my name on it? he he he!
Terry: How can we get you in this area?
Mk.: "ASK AND YE SHALL RECEIVE" : ) Seriously,I aleady have
some contacts and would love to do a Cleveland tour some weekends... get in touch with me..... for booking e-mail: phone number is: (937)-599-4737
Terry:Do you also have a web-site?
Mk.: I had a personal web-site which is no defunct due to webmaster's too busy of a schedule and my own computer limitations!! Presently,I am using the following as my main You click on Hear First, then on my picture,to get to my page.I'd appreciate your vote too for best artist on "The Indie Showcase"! The new quarter just begun sooooooooo.............?
Terry: How can we get your schedule?
Mk.: My schedule will be posted on the "listen first" site as well as at (Very cool..... maps and venues and everything!) Currently I have no schedule out as I have been in the studio in Jan. recording! Just finished with first new album tour,Whew!! Stay tuned for the summer tour,OK?
Terry: Do you have any CD'S out and how can we purchase them?
Mk.: Well,the latest project "Canopy of Blue" (March release) is my 4th professional album/project-3 of the 4 projects still available for sale. (Including the new March release!) at: and also at
A brief summary of the 3 are still available......
1994-From the Heart... vocals mainstage...very coffeehouse feel to it.
1997- All the Days of My Life....recorded with full band...acoustic rock. 2000- Canopy of Blue...poetic lyrics meet modern rock...great guitar work here!!
Terry: Well Marianne,it was very nice meeting you on-line and even
nicer having you as our feature "Artist of the Month" on "Vocal
Locals" for the month of April! We hope that this interview will give to our audience what it will be like when "Marianne Kesler" comes to a coffeehouse or venue near to them!! We also pray that you share this ministry with your fans and that the Lord richly bless your journey as you venture along your way sharing God's way through music,AMEN? SOOOOOOOOOO,until the next time when we get "VOCAL" with another "LOCAL" may God bless you all,abundantly,PEACE!!



Marianne's New Albumn
Canopy of Blue




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