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Terry: Does the band have any CD's out or anything new to look out for?
Mark: Yes,we have 1 CD out right now and another due out this summer.
Terry:Do you have a web-site or e-mail address that we can order these from or contact you for upcoming concerts or to contact you to minister somewhere?
the"band"(Everyone is pointing at MARK!)
Mark: Yes we do!!! We are on the Internet at the following address: or if you wish to e-mail us at : fishband@homepage.comfavicon.ico.Everything is there for you to check out.
Terry:Well,thank you guys,that is"FISH" members! We enjoyed having you here and ask God's blessings on your ministry along with continued success and road mercies!! Please look for "FISH" to be added to the"Links" page at FreeWillOffering,soooon! Sooooooooo,until we get
"Vocal",on our next "Local" we'll see you next month......God Bless YOU!! and YOURS!!!

Terry Krepps..........FWO Family

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